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about the services:

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tarot/oracle card readings.

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in-home reiki therapy.


i am a certified reiki master. i am a bit more free flowing in my practice though. reiki therapy is a form of energy healing thru the hands. during a session, i put focus on each of the seven chakras throughout your body. in my practice i like to incorporate stones & sound. reiki is meant to bring activation, balance & healing to your energetic centers. 

reiki therapy is beneficial as it is intended to keep you in a state of flow. it can aide in removing blockages & suppressed emotions. reiki therapy can also aide in healing/relieving physical pain. you can choose from a fifteen minute session, a thirty minute session or, a forty-five minute session. the most popular session is the forty-five minute session as it allows for maximum relaxation time. fly on over to the service page & see which option catches your eye.

to the service page we go!


there are three different methods you can choose from for your reading; live over facetime/phone call, recorded video or, typed w/ a photo of the cards. no one method is more effective than the other, it is all about your own personal preference. the most popular method is the live session. the other options though, are great for those who may have a busy schedule, are introverted or, just like to process things on their own time.

you are able to ask any specific questions you’d like for your reading but, a lot of my clients prefer to just let the cards flow. there are also reading options available that are centered specifically around love and career. follow your heart to the service page & book whichever option calls out to you.

about the services.: Services
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